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Plan Your Work-out, and Work Your Plan

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

A coach's guide to using small goals to achieving big results!

Health, finances, travel, family, friends, education, fun and fitness!

What is the difference between setting an intention and making a goal? Intention is a mindset, it's about deciding, and once you make a decision then your goal can be achieved.

An example is living daily with intentions, or creating small habits that keep you on track. One small habit could be, I intend to drink more water every day, so the first thing you do in the morning is drink a large glass of water and fill your water bottle for the day. This may seem easy but how many of us forget to drink water throughout the day? We get busy and forget! An intention shifts your mind set, it becomes a habit and before you know it you don't even have to think about it you just do it!

What is a BIG life goal you want to achieve this year?

If we focus on small intentions every day we get you closer to our BIG goals!

I want to have more energy!

This is a big goal because it affects every area of our lives. Our family time, work, health and quality of life. Some small goals could be creating better sleep habits, eating a balanced diet, exercising daily and making the time for meditation, whether that's walking in nature, or time on the yoga mat! Maybe it means putting yourself first a few times a week.

Each of these little habits brings you closer to your goal of having more energy, which inspires you to do more good things for yourself. When we fill our cups, we have more to give to our family and friends too.

The power of intention is life changing.

Think of a time in your life when you really wanted something, and then you got it! What we think about comes about and that is how an intention can get you to where you want to be. Try it with some things in your life. When you wake up, say " I intend to make this a great day." When you eat, make an intention to make healthy choices. Or when you go to a class intend to be present. Little intentions done routinely lead to big results.

I have found this has worked for me and it has helped me to stay more present when I'm overwhelmed by one of my bigger goals, like wanting to buy a new home this year! Every day I look at houses, I make a list of the qualities in the homes that I love, and then I get on with my day! I trust that each day I'm getting closer to buying my dream home!

Not sure where to start? Try a coaching session! This has been one of the greatest gifts I've given myself, working with my coach to stay centred when the world around me is crazy!

Try a 15 Minute Free Coaching Conversation today!

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