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"Why Pilates Costs a Pretty Penny: Understanding the Value of Your Investment"

As Pilates professional, a coach, teacher and life time fitness advocate it still frustrates me when people say Pilates is too expensive. Hold on a minute! Do you really know what you are paying for? Do you know the value you are actually getting when you take a Pilates class or work privately with a professional trained teacher? Back when I was deciding what my health and wellness journey was going to entail, I had to think long and hard about the Pilates program. It was a very big commitment. in time and finances for our young family and business.

Let's take a look at what you are paying for! First, certified Pilates instructors have to understand and know our anatomy! The way the body works, the muscles and bones and how they work together. The money we spend on this education of anatomy and physiology is in the thousands! Next we have to become intimately involved in the exercises, equipment and ways to modify both to give our clients the best possible results and experience! It doesn't stop there, every year we attend, work-shops, seminars and courses to stay up to date on the latest trends and research in the field. The investment I've made in both time and money on my own education is comparable to an Ivy League Masters Program.

Secondly, let's talk about equipment like reformers and other props! Tens of thousands of dollars invested in the equipment alone! These high end, sophisticated machines, called reformers the stability chair or cadillacs, are engineered to give you a state of the art fitness session, which aligns and balances your body. In all my years of teaching I've never had a client who didn't enjoy the way their body felt after a Pilates work-out. That's the other thing, when you are working out, we are WITH you. watching every move you make, (like a stocker), adjusting your positions if needed and helping you find the right alignment and muscle connection.

But perhaps the most frustrating thing is the misconception that Pilates is just another form of exercises. Pilates is not about mindlessly lifting weights, or running on a treadmill. It's about mindful movement, precision, and control. It's about connecting the mind and body to achieve balance, strength and flexibility. It's rehabilitating injuries and preventing future ones. It's so much more than getting your sweat on.

So, the next time you balk at the cost of a Pilates class or private session, remember this: we are not just fitness trainers, we are specialists, educators and healers. We have dedicated years of our lives to mastering the craft and we deserve to be compensated fairly for it. Before you dismiss Pilates as an expensive fitness trend, take a moment to consider the skill, dedication and passion that goes into teaching Pilates. Trust me, it's work every penny!

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