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Leap Into Your Life - What if...

Do you ever ask yourself, what if? What if I lost the weight, what if I joined a class, what if I started that business, what if I went on that vacation what if I made that call? What if, fill in the blank!

I know I have asked myself the what if questions countless times. Sometimes I've just done the thing, like moving, selling my house and changing my community, not once but three times in the past six years. Each time was scary and challenging in its own way, because change is getting out of your comfort zone. I didn't know how it was going to turn out, but I put my trust in the process and took the leap!

People talk all the time about doing something big, starting a new job, planning a big vacation or even says "let's do lunch", but they don't follow through. Life gets in the way of us doing the what if things.

I've noticed this in myself. Wanting to do something, call someone, join a class, or plan a trip. Then I let myself get busy, or I lose motivation. That's why I have a coach. To reminded me about the goals to want to achieve and to hold me accountable. It's not always easy, but I know on some sub conscious level the confidence that comes from leaping into my life and living it!

This year is a leap year and today is February 29th so I'm going to share a project I'm leaping into. A book project! This has been on my radar for the past several years. During the pandemic I completed Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way, a twelve week creative writing workbook. Since then I've continued my habit of writing in a journal daily, and I helped my father-in-law publish his memoir, last year. The habit of writing is good but I've wanted to focus on a book. What if?

Last week I starting a more serious writing project, which I'm letting evolve on its own, and it doesn't feel like work it just feels right! It's flexing my creative muscles, and you know what happens when you flex any muscles, they get stronger. When that happens the task of using the muscle, creative of otherwise, gets easier.

That's why I'm inspired to write this blog, to connect with you, and ask, what if you leap into your what if questions, pick one, and just go for it! It's a good day, like a bonus day this year to check in with yourself. Where will you be in a year from now? What is that thing you want to do, be or have accomplished.

As I dive into this book project I will share some of the progress with you. I'm only a few chapters in but it's feeling really good to be writing again. Like spending time with a long lost friend. I'm exploring my thought, connecting my life like pieces of a puzzle, and writing about a person I never really got to know, my mother! Stay tuned, this is going to get spicy!

Now over to you my friends, Leap into your Life, find that what if and go for it. I'm here for you as your friend and coach. Happy Leap Year! Now go on and hop to it!

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