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Savoring September

The end of summer is nearing and I reflect on how exciting it is to know September is almost here. September has the feel of a new beginning. The opportunity for new goals and aspirations excites me.

Remember what it was like to get ready for the first week of school? Seeing so many of your friends again, the new backpack and binders, maybe even the fancy pens and that special calculator. Maybe there was a sense of trepidation for some of us too. Especially those years we went to a new school, started high school or university.

The point is, September is full of possibilities, and this year let’s think outside the box and savour all that September has to offer!

Summer ends on September 22, which means the weather is still nice and we can still get outdoors for activities! So much to savour!

One way to make the most of September is to do a time audit. How do you spend your time? For example if you wake up at 6:00 AM and begin your day with exercise, you are investing in yourself, your energy and setting the tone for your day? If you sleep late and rush to shower and prepare for your day, you are beginning with a feeling of frenzy and your body will respond to other tasks with this type of chaotic energy.

Making the most of the 24 hours in your day could look like this:

6:00 AM – wake-up and exercise / mediate / stretch

7:00 AM – prepare for work / meal prep

8:00 AM – work time

12:00 PM – walk / lunch

1:00 PM – work time

4:00 PM – personal time reading / walking / learning

6:00 PM – family time meal prep / dinner

7:00 PM – downtime / leisure activity

9:00 PM – prepare for next day

10:00 PM – bedtime sleep 8 hours

September is an ideal time to make a schedule that includes time for yourself, to exercise, read, study or work on a special project. When you don’t schedule it, that time gets taken up by others, or mindless activities like scrolling social media!

Ask yourself, what do you want your September to look like? Plan your work, then work your plan! One of the best things I’ve done for myself since the pandemic is make a weekly schedule, and carve out time for the activities that fill my bucket!

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