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Making the Most of Your Exercise Program In 2022

The new year is the favourable time to re-evaluate your current exercise program. The key to sticking with a routine, not just in January but throughout the year is to make it a priority, keep it simple and consistent. For example, I take a few minutes each Sunday to layout my workouts for the week, the same way I would make a schedule for work. I'm making my fitness a priority, it keeps me consistent and its simple. Once I've completed the workout I place a check-mark beside the task! This easy-peasy action gives me a sense of accomplishment and motivates me the rest of my day.

A week of workouts could look like this:

Monday - Walk / Run 30 minutes & Mobility Class

Tuesday - Toning / Strength Training & Stretch

Wednesday - Spin 30 minutes & Pilates Class

Thursday - Yoga/Pilates Class & Walk

Friday - Walk / Run 30 min & Pilates Class

Saturday - Active Recovery and Stretch

Sunday - Long hike 1 to 2 hours & Rest

If you are over the age of forty, you want to make sure you are doing strength training two times per week and cardio at least four times. Now cardio means getting your heart rate elevated to 70 % of your max heart rate. Strength training means using body weight, resistance bands or weights in your workout. This will improve your bone density and overall muscle tone, while preventing bone and muscle loss.

How do I get started?

First, think of a goal or two you’d like to achieve. When we have something to work toward our sub-conscious motivate us to stick with a plan. The goals don’t have to be big. For example you could have a goal to become more flexible, (we need to stretch our age in minutes every week). If you are 50 years young you want to be stretching at least 50 minutes each week. In this case I recommend a class like Monday Mobility class @ 6:30 AM. Can’t get out of bed that early? Buy the on demand classes, and do the Monday class every day if you like.

Maybe your goal is weight loss or maintenance or getting stronger. Then you want a class that is going to get you out of your comfort zone and challenge your body, raise your BPM, and gets you a little sweaty. Then Toning Tuesday 9:00 AM or Wellness Wednesday 7:00 PM would be the classes I’d recommend. These classes focus on multi muscle movements and truthfully we all need these type of classes to build strength and endurance in our body!

Conversely, you may need a class that helps you focus, and relaxes you from the hectic pace of life! The Thursday Fusion 8:00 AM class offers the calming aspects of mindful movement, stretch and focused core connection. Again this class will be recorded each week so the you can do it any time you need to unwind!

Another goal could be that you want to learn how to use your reformer or other piece of equipment you got over the holidays (we all have exercise equipment collecting dust somewhere in our homes:). Work-shops will be offered this winter. One per month and we will dive deep into how to use specific pieces of equipment. This is my specialty! I love using props (as you likely already know lol). Or, join us for the Pilates Reformer class Monday night at 6:30 PM. This class will give you some fun and functional sequences to practice on your reformer. With the class being recorded, you can also use this as a reference for your future practice.

Ideally for optimal wellness we all need to move our bodies daily. Yes, daily, and that could be going for a walk, stretching, resistance exercises, or any classes that inspire you to get active. To lose weight we need to get our heart rate up to 70-80 % of max four times per week. A rough estimate of your max heart rate is 220 - your age. So for me that would be 220-51 = 169. So my goal for heart rate would be 150 to 160 BMP. This means, cardio! To build and maintain muscle (which we start to lose a little each year after 40), we need strength or toning classes twice per week!

So whatever your goals are this year, your fitness will keep you sharp, energized and motivated to keep learning and growing. If you are just starting out, book a consultation with me and I can give you some coaching around your goals. A fifteen minute chat could be just what you want to get you where you want to go. Reach out here

Not sure what direction to take with your goals this year? This is where coaching can support you. Coaches work with other coaches, so I know how beneficial working with this support can be. You can come to our Mastermind Coaching information session on December 30th at 9:00 AM or January 2nd 2022 @ 10:00 AM to learn more about life coaching and the direction it can give you with your

goals and aspirations!

I’m here for you, whatever you need:) I’m looking forward to the New Year and sharing my passion for health and wellness, body, mind and soul:)

Thank you for continuing to inspire me to plan and teach classes to move, groove and inspire:)

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