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A Blank Page for a New You!

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

I love September and getting back into a routine. It feels like a New Year and a fresh start. My birthday is at the end of August. Growing up, I would get a new outfit or new shoes and I could not wait to wear them to school the following week. Excitement for the new grade, new teacher and seeing all my school yard friends.

It was those early years that instilled me with a sense of focus and motivation. As a teacher and coach now, I’m always excited about planning my lessons for September and the rest of the fall. What can I accomplish in classes over the next three months?

Starting a class in the fall is like opening a notebook to a blank page. It is a clean slate and you can have a fresh start. You show up and the experience begins. Much like that blank page in a notebook, you can make your class time have value or you can doodle.

This September, when you sign up for a Pilates Class, create an intention for your practice. So many things can change in 10 weeks, your body, your mental health, your overall energy levels. What will be your focus this fall?

Amazingly when you commit to yourself and show up to a class or two every week, this is where the magic begins! Once you enter the class, it’s you and your mat! A special time when you get to connect to your mind and body, there’s nothing else that matters.

Here’s what I see as a teacher and coach when I watch you in class (does that sound creepy, lol). I notice the tension in your body begins to leave and your shoulders drop and settle back. You begin to stand taller and your body moves with ease and grace. There is calmness in your face and your breathing is deeper and more nourishing.

I observe your strength as you are able to do moves in the third or fifth class that you couldn’t do before!

Joseph Pilates had several quotes which I love to repeat, however this is one of my favourites: “In ten sessions (of Pilates), you will feel a difference, in 20 you will see a difference and in 30 you will have a new body.”

So, here’s my challenge to you this fall - sign up for ten weeks and come to class at least twice per week. Then one day do your own Pilates session, whether from a recorded class or practicing what you remember from class. If you are really keen about changes, work with me as your coach and we can work together on your goals this fall!

You have to be your own hero sometimes because we are all out there, doing our best, trying to save ourselves. Be the change, as they say. Embrace your own blank page. Start a new class. Set an intention for your body and your mind. You got this! I’m here for you, to coach, to inspire, and to guide you along your path to greatness!

See you in classes!

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