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Building Confidence with Karate

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Girls gain confidence through experiences that reinforce learning and developing self awareness. In a karate class we are teaching mind and body awareness, working individually and with a partner. These girls are gaining confidence when they understand what they are learning and while watching their peers demonstrate karate basics, kata, and self defence. Intangible skills like staying calm in a stressful situation, managing their internal dialogue and having a physical / mental outlet, contribute to a solid foundation for confidence.

I started teaching martial arts in 1995 after I received my black belt. Prior to receiving my black belt, part of my six years of training required me to assist classes for kids and adults, which provided me with real teaching experience. You can learn a skill, yet when you have to teach those same skills it really solidifies your knowledge. The Academy of Martial Arts where I still train, is an academic martial arts learning environment that teaches us not only the physical skills, also the mental and spiritual side of training. Together it's a continuous circle of learning and growing.

This basic concept of learning and teaching can be used in any profession. It builds confidence and understanding. Although I’m not teaching confidence to my students they are learning it through their experiences in the karate class. Once they see that a skill is getting easier, it translates into wanting to learn more, to show what they are learning and then their self assurance develops. It’s inspiring to watch these girls grow!

As in life, there are levels in Karate. We all begin as white belts and then we grade or level up to yellow, orange, green, all the way to black. At each level, we build on the learning, deepening our understanding of basics, and self defense principles. This concept is transferable to life. We level up in school, work, maturity and responsibilities.

With each new level our confidence grows. Part of understanding karate is knowing ourselves, and when we get that, our confidence grows. It’s a natural process, and it cannot be rushed or artificially generated.

As a youth and teenager, I lacked confidence, constantly questioning my abilities, my value and image. I relied on others to show me my worth. Now as an adult these qualities fluctuate but through my training and teaching I’ve learned to harness my confidence in the most crucial moments. This is what I hope to inspire in the young girls I now have the privilege of teaching.

Yes, of course learning self defence is important and skills are necessary for becoming proficient! It all begins with building confidence. So if you want your daughters to feel confident in mind, body and spirit, training karate may be just the activity you want to put them in! Karate Makes everything better - a phrase we often say in class.

Learn more by coming and trying a class with our girls group! I look forward to continue to grow and learn as I teach our young people about themselves and about the confidence they hold inside. Let them shine!

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